Structured Note Taking Vol 18: Plastic Card Organization

Structured Note Taking Vol 18: Plastic Card Organization

Create a spreadsheet system (template included) and binder system for organizing your cards digitally and physically

Language : english

Note: 5.0 / 5.0


This course comes with an included Google Spreadsheet template that you can use to keep all your plastic cards organized.

This includes:

Credit Cards

Debit Cards

Membership Cards

Loyalty and Rewards Cards

Government Issued Cards

…and anything else in the card format.

But this is much more than just a spreadsheet.

You also get a well thought out binder system for keeping your cards organized into sections, and it works for both expired and currently active cards.

Do you have a shoe box full of cards? Do you have a desk drawer filled with unorganized junk, including plastic cards? 

Get rid of the clutter once and for all with this system that can bring order to the chaos.

See on on the inside,


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