Speed Reading and Deeper Comprehension

Speed Reading and Deeper Comprehension

Deepen your relationship with reading!

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Speed Reading and Deeper Comprehension



Learn Speed Reading and Deeper Comprehension!

  • Learn to digest through books faster

  • Retain more information

  • Strengthen short-term memory

  • Summarize as you read

  • Identify subjects clearly

  • Differentiate ‘density’ and ‘weight’ of subject material

Learn multiple techniques!

  • Fluency methods

  • The ‘first line’ method

  • The ‘blinking’ method

  • One eye techniques

  • Mechanical and dexterity exercises

It is a given, whoever you are, where ever you are at in your personal development, you must read at least 1000 books – MINIMUM! 1000 books has been said by many to be the bare minimum for a cognitive breakthrough in conceptual understanding.

But who has time for that much reading with all the extra Meditation and personal development routines we must keep up?

Not to mention, where to begin?

The world of knowledge is vast and complex. When we wade into these waters there is no guarantee we will be able to find a clear path. That’s where a clear understanding of deeper comprehension comes in. We must understand the bigger picture, so as not to be discouraged, overwhelmed (or even underwhelmed).

In this course we address all these issues for the seeker of knowledge. We not only look at real concrete techniques, but also explain the reasoning behind them and the affective ways to apply them.

This course will bring you along the path of knowledge, open you to a joy of reading and instil a sense of depth in your connection to learning.

Speed Reading and Deeper Comprehension


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Speed Reading and Deeper Comprehension
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