SEMRush Site Audit + Extended SEMRush Free Trial

SEMRush Site Audit + Extended SEMRush Free Trial

SEMRush is one of the top SEO industry tools. Learn SEMRush for link-building, on-page SEO, and much more

Language : english

Note: 0.0 (New) / 5.0


Hand-on walkthrough over the most important features of SEMRush to find fixes and tactics you can do on the same day you begin using SEMRUsh.

What you can do with SEMRush:

  • Site audit

  • Keyword research that will give you different keywords than the Google keyword tool

  • Link-building

  • Citations

  • Competitor keyword spying

  • Competitor link research

  • Track page ranking for specific keywords

SEMRush is a very powerful tool. You can also schedule social media posts and create a social media calendar. But those are not core SEO strategies.

SEMRush also gives you tools for running ads, but this course only focuses on organic and free SEO.


The course goes over a number of SEO tools including SEMRush. Some of these tools require you to enter your contact and email information. You don’t have to use those tools if you are not comfortable giving out that information. Also, SEMRush is a paid tool, but it does offer a free trial.


Expect to find link opportunities, better keywords to rank for, errors on your site, and much more insight into what your competitors are doing for SEO. You can get all this information on the first day you use the tool. Luckily, you don’t have to rush through it. SEMRush provides a 7-day free trial and students of this course can extend that to a 30-day free trial.

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