Score 5 Above target in PMI-SP®Exam

Score 5 Above target in PMI-SP®Exam

Pass PMI-SP®Exam On First Try

Language : english

Note: 3.2 / 5.0


4 Full PMI-SP Exams Based On Scheduling Standard 3rd Edition

Each Exam Contain -Multiple choice Questions

· How To Link Different Topics With Each other To Solve PMI-SP Puzzles

· How To Think In PMI Philosophy in Solving Tricky Question

· You will get all the resources you need to pass the PMI-SP certification exam

· Clarification for correct answer To improve Your knowledge and to see the areas of weakness and strength in order to Close Any Gap

· Each question is supported by answer explanations which will allow you to understand the reasoning behind the correct answer

· CPM Examples Calculation

· Cover important Topics in Scheduling Standard 3rd Edition Chapters & Topics SCHEDULE MODEL GOOD PRACTICES OVERVIEW & SCHEDULE MODEL PRINCIPLES AND CONCEPTS & Schedule Model Creation & Schedule Model Maintenance & Schedule Model Analysis & Communication and Reporting SCHEDULING COMPONENTS & CONFORMANCE INDEX & GLOSSARY

· Cover important Topics in PMBOK 6 Chapters & Topics

Plan Schedule Management & Define Activities & Sequence Activities & Estimate Activity Duration & Develop Schedule & Control Schedule &Estimate Activity Resources

· Cover important Topics Regarding Stakeholders and communications

· Cover All Domains

Schedule Strategy Tasks : Activities related to establishing and documenting schedule approach, policies and procedures, roles and responsibilities, and scheduling objectives and goals

Schedule Planning and Development Tasks :Activities related to defining and sequencing activities and milestones, developing the work and resource breakdown structures, and establishing the performance measurement baseline (PMB).

& Schedule Monitoring and Controlling :Activities related to monitoring the project schedule progress, performing schedule analyses, and managing change appropriately.

& Schedule Closeout :Activities related to finalizing all schedule activities, evaluating schedule performance against the original baseline, documenting lessons learned, and distributing final schedule information.

& Stakeholder Communications Management Activities related to developing and fostering relationships with stakeholders, and supporting project schedule-related communication over the course of the project.

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