Relative Valuation

Learn how to do relative valuations on companies financial statements

Language : english

Note: 3.2 / 5.0


Relative Valuation is a corporate value technique where the price earnings ratio and earnings per share of a company is compared with its sectoral companies and hence the company’s performance is evaluated. This training is dedicated to learning about this most commonly used valuation techniques wherein you shall understand relative valuation right from scratch. With the help of practical application and examples you shall understand the Earning Multiples such as PE ratio, Value/ EBIT , Value / EBIDTA, Ent value/ EBIDTA, Book Value Multiples, Revenue Multiples such as Price / Sales per share, Value/ Sales and industry Specific variables. All these valuation concepts have been taught w.r.t to the financial model of a company.By joining this training you would benefit by: 

  • Learning how to do relative valuations on companies financial statements

  • Learning various earnings multiples, book value multiples, revenue multiples and industry specific variables

  • Valuation techniques

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