React JS Masterclass

React JS Masterclass

Learn and Earn with React JS including MERN, Redux and Hooks

Language : english

Note: 0.0 (New) / 5.0


This Course is on React Js, we have structured content from Redux, Hooks and MERN on this Course!  In this course we cover

  1. Introduction of React

    • React Basics, React on static HTML file,  Understanding JSX, className instead of class in tag, installing and generating CRA, understanding CRA folder structure, import , export, making components and reusing components.

  2. React Starting

    • Props, States,arrow function and this binding, passing method as props, object/props restructuring, understanding about spread operator, conditional rendering, key props and rendering arrays, array function map,  event handling, output dynamic content,  useState Hook,useEffect lifecycle method, inline styling, importing css, importing svgs,

    • Using DOM, Axios, Routing on React, understanding render props, understanding higher order component function

  3. React State Management

    • contextAPI, Redux, Hook

    • Redux Middlewares & Redux Thunk

  4. React Project: This will be focusing on real world project which will revise you all the skills you obtained from this course in one single project.

As ReactJs is javascript library which support both front end at web and back end at server, it is mainly used for creating user interfaces and creating web applications. By the end of this course you will be able to understand the flow and methods on React and how to use it for creating real-world project!

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React JS Masterclass
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