Module 1 – Software Testing Basics

Module 1 – Software Testing Basics

BE 2015 of SPPU

Language : english

Note: 0.0 (New) / 5.0


To learn this course, learners must know the basics of software engineering. In this course, learners will Learn to apply the testing strategies and methodologies in projects, understand test management strategies and tools for testing, awareness on the open problems in software testing and maintenance, explain quality assurance and various tools used in quality management, learn in detail about various quality assurance models, understand the audit and assessment procedures to achieve quality. This course is going to contain Testing as an engineering activity, Role of process in software quality, Testing as a process, Basic definitions, Software testing principles, The tester’s role in a software development organization, Origins of defects, Defect classes. After successful completion of this course, learners will be able to test the software by applying testing techniques to deliver a product free from bugs, investigate the scenario and to select the proper testing technique, explore the test automation concepts and tools and estimation of cost, schedule based on standard metrics, understand how to detect, classify, prevent and remove defects, choose appropriate quality assurance models and develop quality, to conduct formal inspections, record and evaluate results of inspections. This course will give a clear idea about the software testing.

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