Microsoft Excel “Create Grade Book&Attendance Sheets”

Microsoft Excel “Create Grade Book&Attendance Sheets”

Educators :Create your own Attendance Sheet,and Grade Book ,Customize your assessment Strategy to calculate final grade

Language : english

Note: ?? / 5.0


Create Your own GradeBook and Attendance Sheet Using Ms. Excel

This course is intended for educators , mentors , trainers ,and coaches who need to assess their students and take their daily attendance,learners need to know basic Excel before they take this course and it meant for intermediate students

At the end of the course learners will be able to create your grade book and attendance sheet and use it as a template for future use , but at first you need to review the following Ms Excel topics :   

  • How to use Formulas

  • The order of operator precedence in Excel Formulas

  • How to use the Average Function  a

  • How to use VLOOOKUP Function

  • Absolute and Relative References 


  • Conditional Formatting

In the first sections students will learn how to create  their grade book in ten steps as follows :

  1. Creating a blank Sheet   

  2. Entering Names   

  3. Sorting Names   

  4. Entering The Grades   

  5. Calculating The Final Mark   

  6. Inserting The LOOK UP Table   

  7. Inserting VLOOKUP Function   

  8. Adjusting The V LOOKUP Function   

  9. Inserting The Average

  10. Formatting  

In the second sections students will learn how to create their grade book in eleven steps as follows :

  1. Copying The Names From GradeBook 

  2. Inserting Days & Dates(Timeline)          

  3. Shading Off Days                                     

  4. Inserting Drop Down List to Take Attendance   

  5. Inserting New Calculation Columns                              

  6. Formatting   

  7. More Formatting     

  8. Counting Number Of Absent Days       

  9. Calculating the % of Absence      

  10. Freezing Panes         

  11. Taking Attendance of The First Week

  12. Conditional Formatting 

25% of All Course Revenue will be donated to Syrian Refugees , and Famine Victims in Somalia 

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