MERN Stack ECommerce App – React,Redux,Node,Express,Mongo DB

MERN Stack ECommerce App – React,Redux,Node,Express,Mongo DB

Build a Complete MERN Stack Ecommerce application from scratch and deploy to Heroku

Language : english

Note: 3.7 / 5.0


Build a Complete MERN Stack Ecommerce App From Scratch

This course is not for any React beginners or Node Beginners. You must have some basic knowledge in React , Redux , Redux Thunk and Node JS.

In this course we will implement the following features in the Ecommerce Application.

  • Creating React App

  • Working with the static data

  • Working with API End Points

  • Mongo DB atlas and Compass

  • Redux States and Reducers

  • Redux Thunk as MiddelWare

  • Working with local storage and Redux store

  • Add to cart Feature

  • Update Quantity in cart

  • Delete Products from cart\

  • User Authentication

  • Stripe Payment Gateway

  • Placing orders with stripe

  • Placing Orders

  • Store orders in database

  • Retrieve Orders to user profile

  • User Dashboard

  • Admin Dashboard

  • Manage Users , Products , Orders in Admin Panel

  • Protected routes for admin panel

  • Deployment to Heroku.

  • By the end of the courses you will know how to work with redux states ,reducers, Middelwares including the payment gateway.

  • 24/7 Q/A Support.

MERN is one of several variations of the MEAN stack (MongoDB Express Angular Node), where the traditional Angular.js frontend framework is replaced with React.js. Other variants include MEVN (MongoDB, Express, Vue, Node), and really any frontend JavaScript framework can work.

Express and Node make up the middle (application) tier. Express.js is a server-side web framework, and Node.js the popular and powerful JavaScript server platform. Regardless of which variant you choose, ME(RVA)N is the ideal approach to working with JavaScript and JSON, all the way through.

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