Maya FX_Simulate a Realistic Candle Flame_SoliBros

Maya FX_Simulate a Realistic Candle Flame_SoliBros

Learn how to create a realistic candle flame in less than 30 Min

Language : english

Note: 3.7 / 5.0


In this course you will learn how to simulate and render a realistic candle flame

First we are going to discuss 3D fluid container 

Then we will work on the candle flame shape and how we can achieve the best look for the flame

In the process of creating the Shape of our flame, we will learn hoe to use density , Velocity ,Turbulence and Temperature

to get what we need

Now we are ready for shading process

After the shading process we are going to finish the course by rendering our candle flame

so we are going to learn a lot in this course Have fun 

I also uploaded the final Setup File for you so you can download the File

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