Masterclass in Marketing Psychology

Masterclass in Marketing Psychology

Effective messaging for Digital Marketing | Get clients to say YES | Become a Master Influencer | Sell like a Pro

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This course aims to make you a Jedi of Marketing Psychology within approx. 3.5 hours. This Udemy course is to learn what works and how to get results – fast!

In this course I will show you how to:

· How to create effective messaging for Marketing Campaigns: online(#Digital Marketing) and offline

· How to advertise products for making the right impact

· How to establish trust through body language

· How to persuade and influence customers

· How to establish rapport

· How to close sales

· Understand the psychology of colours

· How to create establish and convey Brand Personality

· Choosing the right medium for communication

The Topics that we shall cover in this course are:

· How to establish and use Credibility

· How to get people to like you using the principle of Similarity

· How to make use of power to ensure Compliance

· How to make an emotional appeal

· How to use fear correctly

· How to use arguments tactfully to persuade clients

· How to appeal to the innate motives of people

· When is drawing conclusions for others a good idea

· How to choose an effective medium for communication

· How to use the principle of Scarcity to influence: Make sales, close sales, using it as a differentiator

· How to Use the principle of Reciprocity

· Understanding and using Colour Psychology for Branding

· How to establish Trust and Rapport through Body-language

I, Vikram Kaushal, am passionate about Human Psychology. My work defines me and I’m here to share with you the exclusive knowledge that you need be successful at any form of Marketing or Sales.


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