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In this course, you will be learning various tools and techniques used in Tableau Public and Tableau Desktop for creating Visualization Dashboards. Organizations are sitting on a giant pile of data, of different forms- usage, sales, social, and others. Everyone from Giant corporates to small enterprises and even individuals have access to a variety of data sets generally arranged in form of Spreadsheets or Database table. There is a huge demand for professionals who can take this data to generate meaningful insights in form of charts, maps and other visualizations that can help Organizations spot the outliers, understand the trend, find Key Performance Indicators and decode the responsible factors. Tableau is one of the powerful Business Intelligence software that can enable you to do this massive task of Data Cleaning and Visualization in streamlined and intuitive manner. These visualizations can provide insights that can be used for decision making.

In this course you will be learning Tableau right from the basics to some of the advanced concepts. This is a practical based course where you will learn various concepts and techniques with hands-on examples. You will be learning following-

  • Adding an Excel or csv file

  • Various Chart types

  • Map Visualization

  • Converting Measures to Dimension and Dimension to Measures

  • Calculating a Measure and Creating a dual axis chart

  • Creating multiple worksheets

  • Creating a Dashboard and adding Visualizations

  • Using Map as a Filter

  • Creating a custom Filter

  • Adding Filters to the Dashboard

  • Creating an Analytics Dashboard with filters

  • Creating a Calculated Field

Keep Learning!

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