Let’s JavaScript! Newbie Friendly: Part 1

Let’s JavaScript! Newbie Friendly: Part 1

Coding for beginner’s. Code a calculator

Language : english

Note: ?? / 5.0


Hi and welcome to ” Let’s JavaScript! “.  

My name is Kauress and you may know me from the “Introduction to git” class on SitePoint. I have been teaching JavaScript to beginners since 2014.  Code  your way into learning JavaScript with me in this project!

Goal of the project series: 

To  teach the basic constructs of JavaScript by coding projects. 

The project:

This is a complete hands on series and the projects we will be coding are:

1.  A  single operation calculator:   The calculator allow you to add,  subtract, multiply and divide 2 numbers with or without a decimal point. Our calculator will also have A backspace and clear feature. Our calculator  will automatically start new calculations after the equal to operator is  clicked. Eval has not used!       

What are the per-requisites? 


2. CSS

3. Basic know how of JavaScript theory

This series assumes little to NO knowledge of coding in JavaScript.

This project series is best suited to those that have had little exposure to JavaScript in the way of reading material and basic definitions but have no real experience coding in JavaScript.

What if I am an absolute beginner? :

Now if you have absolutely no exposure to JavaScript in any way shape or form, you may still do the projects.  You can extend your learning experience by referencing basic definitions and, other reading material along with the content provided in each project

When you finish this course, you will be able to:

1.Code in JavaScript from scratch
2.Showcase your work to potential employers

3.Carry on to do intermediate level projects in JavaScript 

What tools do I need to do the projects? :

1. Internet

2. Code editor such as Sublime, Atom or VS Code

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