Learn 4 Chords: beginner guitar lessons, start playing songs

Learn 4 Chords: beginner guitar lessons, start playing songs

Begin playing guitar in one lesson: learn enough to play thousands of songs for: worship, campfire, homeschool, kids

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It isn’t difficult to play the guitar. All you need is three or four chords to play thousands of songs.

You can learn to play those chords in about an hour. And, with a few minutes a day of practice, you can play familiar songs!

What’s the secret?

In this course, you’ll learn to play four foundational guitar chords which are used in various ways to form the structure of  many different songs.

Think of it like those colorful building blocks that all kids like to play with.

The blocks are simple shapes, but put together in different ways, they can be used to build thousands of different structures.

I’ve even seen a guitar made of those colorful plastic blocks.

After you learn these four chords, you’ll be on your way to grow as a guitar player.

I don’t promise that you’ll be a guitar expert at the end of this course.

BUT, I do promise that if you put in the effort to learn these chords well, you will be able to play songs you love, and play along with others.

This course is simple. You won’t be overwhelmed with hours of lectures, and pages of theory.

It will take you just over an hour to learn these chords, and a few minutes a day to perfect them.

If after 30 days of genuine effort you don’t feel like I helped you learn to play the guitar, you can request a refund, and we’ll part as friends.

I look forward to teaching you to play, and helping you make music a life long companion.

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