Introduction to Troubleshooting with Palo Alto Firewalls

Introduction to Troubleshooting with Palo Alto Firewalls

If you want to become better at troubleshooting with Palo Alto Networks Firewalls, this course if for you!

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*** The only Palo Alto Networks Firewall course on Udemy 100% Troubleshooting oriented  .***

When things turn wrong, the Admin guide or Google search will have their limits very quickly! Troubleshooting takes time, a logical methodology and sharp skills: This training will give you the tools to find most problem root causes and help you to become quick at solving them on Palo Alto Networks firewalls.



This is a great course. I am in my first network role and i am support our PA. This brought me way up to speed. Although there are guides and exam prep, they don’t really teach you how to troubleshoot. Thank you for this! I recommend this course for anyone that is: 1. Studying for the PCNSE exam, 2. Supporting PA in their environment.


The course is amazing. Good approach and technical expertise. Looking forward to next troubleshooting trainings.


It is just an amazing course which deals with in-depth tshoot from basic to advance level in a very understandable way.


I have been using PA for a couple of year, I am also PCNSE, nevertheless this course has provided some very useful and practical information.


Your course is awesome and helped lot in the real time work environment


Practical, to the point..and obviously from field experience. no flufff

Course Release

15/03/2019 – v0.1 : Course Release

30/03/2019 – v0.2 : Captions Update

11/10/2020 – v0.3 : New Lecture: Chassis & Software Performance

13/10/2020 – v0.4 : New Lecture: Firewall Inspection & NAT

19/01/2021 – v0.5 : New Lecture: IPSEC & Tunnel



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