Humanoid Robot Animation

Humanoid Robot Animation

Humanoid Robot Animation

Language : english

Note: 0.0 (New) / 5.0


In this course you will learn about a Humanoid Robot Animation like walking, talking etc. This is more like a fun kind of course where no hard or complex robotics concept will be taught rather, we will use a software to create a humanoid robot animation.

Software use for this course is Choregraphe. This software is actually developed for Real NAO Robot (humanoid Robot). It is a visual programming language. It allows you to: create animations and behaviors for your NAO, test them on a simulated robot before trying them with your real NAO, and also monitor and control NAO. But we will be using virtual NAO robot present in Choregraphe software to develop our animations.

What You Will Be Learning:

  • A fun way to learn robot animation

  • Robot animation using blocks

  • Major Robot Animation like Talking, Walking etc.

  • Learn basics of Choregraphe software

  • Learn little bit about Degree Of Freedom in Humanoid Robot

  • Learn about timeline block used for motion

  • Method to created Robotics Voice

  • Basic Video Editing technique

Robot Animation in This Course :

  • Walking Humanoid Robot

  • Talking Humanoid Robot

  • Handshaking Animation

  • Waving Hi Animation

  • Wishing Happy Birthday Animation


This course is not design for learning complex robotics concepts rather its just fun course to develop animation using blocks. It aim to develop just the students interesting field in the field of robotics.

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