Human Resources Workplace Investigations for Employee Issues

Human Resources Workplace Investigations for Employee Issues

An action guide to investigating employee complaints or problems including discrimination, harassment, theft and others

Language : english

Note: 4.8 / 5.0


Perhaps you have just become aware of a serious situation at your company and you are not sure how to handle it or you are an experienced investigator. This course is designed to help you address immediate investigation needs or help you put the right policies and procedures in place for the future. You will learn the benefits of an effective investigation, how to conduct the investigation through a successful eight-step approach. You will also learn about investigation pitfalls and how to investigate common workforce issues like harassment, discrimination, theft or threats and violence. Additionally, you will get some downloadable documents such as an intake/complaint form, credibility assessment form, documentation and evidence checklist, a standardized investigative report, an investigation memo for when you need to do interviews, and some quick reference job aids such as the investigation step list and investigation pitfalls. You will also learn when you need legal counsel involved and how to protect your employees and also the company.

The course is broken into nine sections:

Section I – The benefits of an effective investigation

Section II – Getting your investigation started

Section III – Gathering information and interviews

Section IV – Making and documenting decisions & conclusions

Special Investigations

Section V – Discrimination

Section VI – Harassment

Section VII – Theft

Section VIII – Threats and violence

Section IX – Alcohol and Drugs

No matter your skill level, learn the basics or advanced techniques now

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