🇮🇳 HTML For Beginner | Learn Complete HTML From Basic In Hindi

HTML For Beginner | Learn Complete HTML From Basic In Hindi

Learn Complete HTML From Basic. If You Already Know HTML , This Course Will Do A Quick Revision Of HTML As Well

Language : hindi

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Welcome To HTML For Beginner Course. In This Course , You Will Learn Complete HTML From Beginning. This Course is in Hindi Language & I Covered All Topics Related To HTML.

Why You Need To Learn HTML ?

  • You Can Create Web Page

  • HTML is Basic Building Block Of Web Page

  • If You Know How To Create Web Page , You Can Develop Website

  • High Demand Of Web Developers

  • You Can Make Career in Web Development

Why To Choose This Course ?

  • You Will Learn HTML From Starting

  • Every Point Explained

  • Focused On Coding

I’m The Right Teacher For You ?

I Tried My Best To Teach You in Easy Words in This Course. Also I Am A Web Developer As Well

This Course is For You if ..

  • ..You Are A Beginner

  • .. Want To Learn HTML

  • .. Want To Do Quick Revision Of HTML

  • .. Want A Crash Course Of HTML

Can I Enroll in This Course if i Already Know HTML ?

.. Yes , You Can Still Enroll & Use This Course To Perform A Quick Revision About HTML.

Whats Included in Course

  • Downloadable Lectures

  • PDF On Each Topic

  • Source Codes

Covered in This Course

  • Introduction To HTML

  • Create And Open HTML Document

  • Tags , Elements , Title & Heading in HTML

  • Paragraph & Horizontal Rule in HTML

  • Line Break in HTML

  • Comment in HTML

  • Attribute in HTML

  • DIV in HTML

  • Font in HTML

  • Text Formatting in HTML

  • Marquee in HTML

  • Image in HTML

  • List in HTML

  • Table in HTML

  • Link in HTML

  • iFrame in HTML

  • Form in HTML

Course Outcome

  • Good Knowledge Of HTML

  • You Can Create Web Pages

  • You Can Create Website

  • Basic Web Development

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