How to solve problems like a strategy consultant (Bain, BCG)

How to solve problems like a strategy consultant (Bain, BCG)

Structure complex problems – Find feasible and holistic solutions that treat the root cause – Communicate it clearly

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I am an ex McKinsey consultant and a Columbia Business school alum, let’s learn together:

  • Structure complex problems to identify the root cause

  • Once the problem is set up, look at the individual causes and find relevant and feasible solutions

  • Communicate it clearly to get buy in from leadership and peers

Solving the problem is half the battle, communicating the solution and influencing people is the other half

Not just business professionals but Entrepreneurs and business owners like Elon Musk follow First principles thinking and problem solving –

Disclaimer: Please do not expect any confidential information from any of these firms, just applications of first principles as most strategy consultants do

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