How to Create an Effective Measurement Plan?

How to Create an Effective Measurement Plan?

Learn how to create an effective measurement plan for your clients and supercharge it with Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

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Do you work in an organization where measuring outcomes and achieving goals is critical to your business success? Today, almost everybody does, but with the abundance of adtech providers, ever-changing tracking frameworks and privacy laws, communicating your business goals to your marketing and implementation teams has become quite the challenge.

Welcome to “How to Create an Effective Measurement Plan?”! This course aims to equip you with the tools and concepts needed to build an effective measurement plan for your business or clients. The course covers in detail a 5-Step Measurement Planning Process, from setting up business goals and translating them into actionable KPIs to writing implementation instructions for your technical team and applying segments and audience for additional context. You would also get a chance to use Google Analytics 4 (GA4) to get practical experience with audience segmentation and how web analytics can help you enhance your measurement plan.

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Create an effective measurement plan for any marketing activity.

  • Get an understanding of how to identify business goals.

  • Apply techniques to align your business goals with the most suitable marketing KPIs.

  • Use Google Analytics 4 (GA4) to slice your measurement plan by applying different segments and audiences.

  • Associate your KPIs with the correct metrics for your business.

  • Compile an implementation workflow for your technical team (eg. Floodlight Tag Selection Instructions).

  • Get a FREE interactive measurement plan template (created in Canva) that can be applied to work projects immediately.

Who is the instructor?

Hey there! I’m Lachezar Arabadzhiev and for the past five years I have helped companies harness the power of data in a variety of ways to drive business growth and innovation. I began my career as a digital marketer at Microsoft, but soon transitioned to the audience and analytics world, where I had the opportunity to work with major brands including Air Canada, RBC, Walmart, Kimberly-Clark, Nintendo, Mazda and HSBC.

Throughout all that time, I always loved teaching and developing learning programs for my fellow colleagues and friends. That passion materialised in early 2021 in the form of a brand new company that I was luckily enough to start.

I am currently the Founder and CEO of SkildLabs, where I help companies and individuals build better learning experiences through the power of education. With SkildLabs, I believe we have the ability to empower students globally and create more interactive learning experiences. How? By combining the learning tools already available and a better method for organizing learning experiences.

What about his experience in measurement and analytics?

Glad you asked! I have lead the measurement and performance analytics teams for the largest marketing agencies in the world, WPP and IPG. As such, my specialty is the Google Stack and have many years of experience working on large scale projects for global brands. From building performance-based dashboards with joined GMP sources (GA360, CM and DV360) to putting together sophisticated audience segmentation plans powered by Google Analytics 360. In addition, I am a Display and Video 360 (DV360) expert having ran the audience strategy, inventory selection and programmatic optimisation experiments for the programmatic media buying at Royal Bank of Canada (RBC).

Lastly, I am also a Certified GMP expert and an official speaker at the Canadian Google Data & Analytics Summit, 2018.

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