How Manipulation Works

The different types of manipulation that people use – as well as how to avoid or fight them

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Do you wish you could know exactly how people manipulate others, in all shapes and sizes?

My name is Vasco PatrĂ­cio. I’ve been an executive persuasion coach.

In my coaching practice, I’ve come across all types of persuasion techniques. Both ethical and not.

There are countless types of techniques, including:
– Making the other side feel comfortable with you, so they drop their guard;
– Obfuscate or change the actual facts to make something seem better or worse;
– Compare something to better or worse things to change its value just due to the comparison;
– … and many other techniques;

In this short course, we have only one goal: to cover the different types of manipulation. How people manipulate using emotion, using the target’s identity, using the facts, and so on.

In order to achieve this, we split manipulation into the following types:
Consistency Manipulation (get someone to state something or do something favorable, and they will keep aligned with that);
Emotional Manipulation (emotional blackmail, bullying someone, or making them feel different emotions);
Effort Manipulation (change the perceived effort of something and you change how frequently people do it);
Standard Manipulation (measure different things by different criteria, and they seem of different value);
Pressure Manipulation (pressure the other side through intimidation, deadlines, or others, and they rush to action);
Identification Manipulation (make the other side feel heard or understood and their drop their guard);
Fact Manipulation (hide facts, change facts or simplify facts and you change something’s value);
Context Manipulation (change what something is compared to, or emphasize specific characteristics, and you change its value);
Labeling Manipulation (attribute something a simplistic name or label, and you change its value);

By the end of this course, you will know all about these types of manipulation, as well as how to fight them.

(Also, you may also learn how to use them yourself, but I strongly discourage you from using these tools. Sooner or later, people will find out, and they will come after you)

If this sounds like the course for you, it would be a pleasure to have you as a student. See you on the inside!

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