German A1 – Learn German with wise short stories

German A1 – Learn German with wise short stories

Learn German Language From A Native & Experienced German Teacher – German Grammar, Vocabulary & Listening Comprehension!

Language : english

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Practice German A1 Grammar And More From An Experienced German Teacher!

Learning a language with interesting short stories is fun and practical. This course includes 8 short wise stories from different cultural backgrounds from which we can learn a lot. The entire course is taught in German and includes German & English subtitles which will make it easier for you to follow while learning the proper standard German pronunciation.

First you will listen to each story and thus practice your listening comprehension.

After hearing each story you will be assigned tasks about different grammatical subjects for the A1 level. We will practice the following grammar:

  • Nominativ (nominative)

  • Akkusativ (accusative)

  • Dativ (dative)

  • Präsens (present tense)

  • Konjugation (conjugation)

  • Perfekt (Perfekt tense)

  • Partizip II (participle II)

  • Präteritum (past tense)

  • Genusregeln (der/die/das) (gender rules)

  • Adjektive / Adverbien (adjectives / adverbs)

  • Possessivartikel (possessive determiner)

  • Demonstrativartikel (demonstrative determiner )

  • Positiv / Komparativ / Superlativ (positive / comparative / superlative)

  • (nicht) trennbare Verben ((not) separable verbs)

  • Plural (plural)

  • Zeitangaben (expressions of time)

  • Rechtschreibung (spelling)

  • Vokabeln (vocabulary)

  • Aussprache (pronunciation)

After the assignments are given I will discuss all tasks with you and explain the answers.

If you are not familiar with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages; here is a brief overview:

A1 – Complete beginner

A2 – Elementary

B1 – Intermediate

B2 – Upper intermediate

C1 – Advanced

C2 – Proficient

I hope you join me inside the course & have you as one of my students.

Join my course now!

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