FPGA UART implementation communication protocol series Vol1

FPGA UART implementation communication protocol series Vol1

Learn how to write a UART in VHDL for an FPGA – Communication protocols part1

Language : english

Note: ?? / 5.0


This Course was made by a professional electronic engineer specializes in FPGA !

This course is the first one on a series of courses about communication protocols.

In this course you will learn everything you need to know about UART

  • No prior communications protocol knowledge is needed – I will teach everything about serial communication and how to sample it, and about the issues we might have inside FPGA when trying to sample a signal from the outside world.

  • You will learn how to design a UART – I will teach you step by step about my UART design and explain you how to design better.

  • I will go through the fundamentals of UART communication and explain it – I will teach you what UART is and about the UART protocol, more than that I will talk about the physical layer of RS232.

  • I will explain my VHDL UART code and we will even simulate it together –  we will simulate the Receiver and Transmitter

In the end of this course you will have your own working UART in VHDL language!!!

In this course i will also teach about serial communication protocols in general and how to use our fast clock in order to sample the slow signal from the outside world.

This Course was made for all levels by a professional electronic and computer engineer. with a huge experience with FPGAs of all of the companies in the market.

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