Experience Higher Consciousness

Experience Higher Consciousness

An initiation into your full potential as a human

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A Transformational Journey through Consciousness
This deep-dive course is designed to take you beyond the ego-mind and into expanded states of consciousness. Accessible and clear, this course will welcome you into your own direct experience with simple follow-along practices and meditations. This is an integral approach to consciousness, meaning we integrate many perspectives and traditions to distill the practices that are most relevant and potent for us today. As your guide, Matt is trauma-informed and is inspired by somatic psychotherapy, yoga, Buddhism, and Reiki.

Structure of the Course
Begin with a solid grounding in somatic principles and practices and then examining how to work with common obstacles on the path (Modules 1 &2). Then open into the non-conceptual consciousness of our bodies and expanded states harnessing breath and energy (Modules 3&4). Align to our soul’s purpose and path of growth through soul-level consciousness (Module 5). And finally, opening into our Higher Self and Universal Consciousness (Module 6).

Evolve Your Consciousness
You will learn techniques to calm and center your body and mind in order to access deep states. You’ll practice breath and energy techniques to unlock your potential. By opening to these higher states, you will align to a profound sense of love, belonging, and connection. As you progress through the course, you will receiving a transmission and ultimately an initiation for living more fully as the realized, universal Being that you are.

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