English lessons for beginners

English lessons for beginners

English Tutorials for Beginners

Language : english

Note: 5.0 / 5.0


The course is dedicated to:

– all students who will have an opportunity to start learning the English language from zero;

– everyone who can understand the English Alphabet and simple letters;

– those of you who have basic listening skills to understand basic words in the English language;

Study Languages Today team would like to present the course presentation details to all the students and the main strategy is to help to expand the Vocabulary.

During the course, each student will have an opportunity to improve pronunciation skills while looking at the graphic illustrations.

Speaking practice is also presented in the course where each student will be able to look at the words and various phrases, idioms and then repeat them.

There are many ways how to remember numbers, words, and various phrases. Study Languages Today’s English instructor will show some of those methods how to remember the words for a long period of time.

The grammar part would be presented in small parts, mostly during those moments when you would listen to the SLT instructor.

This is an ideal course for those who start to study the English language with a total of 0 and would like to go further to the next level. Nowadays, that is quite demanding to expand the knowledge of the English Language in order to communicate worldwide and moving onto the next level would be very beneficial for all course students.

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