Drawing a Realistic Portrait – Grid method

Drawing a Realistic Portrait – Grid method

Learn to draw portrait basics

Language : english

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In this class you will learn the techniques for Realistic Portrait Drawing. I will teach you how to draw a portrait using Grid Method. At the end of the class you will know the technique to draw a portrait from scratch and by the end of the class You will be creating a beautiful portrait .

This class is for those who are struggling to create portraits without losing the person’s Identity, by taking this class you shall learn the methods to add Realism and to bring Life to your Portraits !

Materials :

Staedtler pencils, Pentel Graph gear mechanical pencil, Tombow mono zero eraser, Brustro Battery eraser, Fabriano Drawing sheets, Kneaded eraser, sharpener.

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You can also watch my YouTube Tutorials here

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Come let’s create a Beautiful portrait together. Learn and draw with me as I take you along in this step by step class and you will be surprised at how amazing your Portrait turns out !

At the end of the class post your artwork to the project gallery so that I can see your stunning artwork ! You can also feel free to tag me if you post this work on Instagram, I shall Re-share your work on my page !

I have also attached the Reference Image for your practise

Feel free to ask any questions with me

Reference Image Used in the class



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