Data Science : Big Data, Python, R, and Apache Spark

Data Science : Big Data, Python, R, and Apache Spark

Data Science, Big Data, Data Science Tools, Data Science and Machine Learning, Data Science and Cloud Computing, & more

Language : english

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We live in exciting, even revolutionary times. As our daily interactions move from the physical world to the digital world, nearly every action we take generates data. Information pours from our mobile devices and our every online interaction. Sensors and machines collect, store, and process information about the environment around us. New, huge data sets are now open and publicly accessible. This flood of information gives us the power to make more informed decisions, react more quickly to change, and better understand the world around us. Data science is the key to making this flood of information useful. 

The power of big data and data science are revolutionizing the world. From the modern business enterprise to the lifestyle choices of todays digital citizen, data science insights are driving changes and improvements in every arena. Although data science may be a new topic to many, it is a skill that any individual who wants to stay relevant in her career field and industry needs to know.

In this course, the Data Science : Big Data, Python, R, and Apache Spark, you see – Data Science, Defining Big Data, Identifying Big Data Sources, Defining data science, Look here – data science, The data science life cycle, Data science tools, R, Python, Python vs. R: What’s the Difference ?, What is Python ?, What is R ?, The main difference between R and Python: Data analysis goals, Other key differences, Apache Spark, What is Apache Spark ?, How Apache Spark works, Apache Spark and machine learning, Spark vs. Apache Hadoop and MapReduce, Data science and cloud computing, and Data science use cases. You will see the 94 questions 71 minutes (32+26+36 questions, 24+20+27 minutes, multiple choice questions). You can make your notes of all questions and you can find the excellent knowledge (answer available of all questions ).

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