Cryptocurrency Fundamentals

Beginner’s guide to Cryptocurrency investing

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The Cryptocurrency boom sees a new high growth in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and many other cryptocurrency. With huge corporation like Paypal, Major banks,  adopting Cryptocurrency & Blockchain technology, it is no secret of the huge potential behind Cryptocurrency & it’s underlying technology, the Blockchain.   

Remember the Dot Com bubble crash in the late 90’s?  Companies like Amazon crash 90% in the hype of this new emerging technological industry. Being a fundamentally strong company, it has survived and growth close to 1500% today!

Now in 2021, Over the past few weeks, many crypto buyers lost money because they bought near the top.

These new buyers got caught up in the hype, thinking Bitcoin will go to the moon. Sadly, things didn’t turn out how they expected. Instead, their crypto holdings fell overnight.

Is it too late for me now?

Most people are afraid of getting into crypto now – and that’s exactly why you should start looking at it. in fact, this is just the beginning. Like it or not, this new technology is here. Blockchain and Cryptocurrency will be a revolution disruption to the traditional financial system we see today.

This course aims to equip you with the fundamental knowledge, to kick start your Cryptocurrency investing journey.

Course curriculum:

  • Introduction

  • Cryptocurrency Sentiment

  • What is Blockchain & Crypto

  • Defi

  • NFT

  • Overview of charting Tools

  • Understanding Candlesticks

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