CompTIA E2C JK0-019 Installation Review Network Exam

CompTIA E2C JK0-019 Installation Review Network Exam

Attend this CompTIA E2C JK0-019 Installation Review Network Exam will get a Good Score 80% on Main Exam

Language : english

Note: 0.0 (New) / 5.0


Sample Questions:

techniques Joe networks, it is proposed to install a pair of new WAP inside rear storage space, which was added to the main hold, which already has full coverage of the wireless network, both frequencies 2.4 and 5 GHz. Joe already has a wireless card main heat storage. Which of the following is the first step that Joe needs to do before choosing which WAP to use?

the visibility of the wireless spending rear storage area.

Ask the vendor providing the WAP to the main store recommendations.

See the system administrator, which are preferred WAP-x.

Once the WAP end, supporting the role of the 5 GHz channels.


Network technician Joe, the task of creating a new wireless network in the office for laptops and desktop office only. surrounding offices already have a lot of wireless networks. Joe found that more than 30 detected wireless networks, wireless office completed the review. Each of the networks that Joe was able to see during inspections 802.11b wireless networks were / g. Which of the following Joe should consider before purchasing / installing new wireless access points?

WAP move, so it is close to the inside walls.

Determine which wireless and wide band channels to be used to reduce noise as much as possible.

Enable SSID broadcast to reduce interference.

Determine whether the business is entering the building with wireless networks and much less around.


The network has a large number of users connected during short periods of time, and the network is to increase the number of devices that can be configured via DHCP. Which of the following must be configured to solve this problem?

Increase the number of bookings

Click to expand the list of exceptions

Decreasing the lease time

Reducing the amount of


Technical implements a wireless network of small businesses. Company already has a certificate authority and a RADIUS server that would integrate them techniques with a wireless network. In addition, the business you would like to use TKIP 802.11b printers obsolete. Which of the following configurations should use techniques?

802.11a WPA2-Enterprise

WPA-PSK 802.11n

WPA2-PSK 802.11n

802.11g WPA-Enterprise


The administrator creates multiple virtual machines on a single server, and requires them to be in each VLAN. Which of the following if you set an administrator in order to achieve this goal?

Setting preferences VLAN on the host NIC

The creation of each VLAN on a virtual switch host

Modifying the configuration of the virtual machine NIC for the private bridge

Each VLAN creating a gateway host


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