Communication skills and strategies for effective sales

Communication skills and strategies for effective sales

Become a great communicator, make people excited about you, grow your business and increase your sales by up to 40 %

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My course on Communication Skills – designed with sales in mind, helps entrepreneurs and salesmen learn how to connect with their prospects and clients in deep, meaningful and efficient manner, so you can achieve even 40 % higher sales revenue with loyal and engaged customers!

During my 12 years of leading sales & marketing teams mainly  in hotels all around the world, I had a great opportunity to become a communication expert.

During this short, but condensed course, you will be able to learn and discover:

– everything about the basics of Communication, its types and most important roles in sales setting

– the utter importance of nonverbal communication, its channels and statistics – to show you what     percentage of it is used during our daily communication – both in business and casual settings

– the art of Body Language. You will be able to recognize the most important cues that your conversational counterpart sends both willingly an unwillingly. This will give you a great advantage and will open up the whole new communication channel for you

– the most effective system to deal with complaints and turn negative experiences into positive ones

– communication best practices for business

– communication icebreakers, very helpful to make any networking event successful

– best sales closing techniques – be able to close up to 90 % of your sales

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